The Mauthe Center has been a  nonprofit since 1968.  We are dedicated to promoting peace, justice, and ecumenism.


Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 8673

Green Bay, WI 54308

2418 Leon Bond Drive

Green Bay, WI 54311

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Hung Nguyen

Hung Nguyen serves as the Executive Director of The Richard Mauthe Center. The passion for growing people has been at the heart of Hung’s career as a nonprofit executive for the past 15 years. Since the time of founding his own nonprofit, the Coming Home Project, leading the Greater Green Bay Habitat for Humanity or serving as a consultant to numerous local, regional and national organizations, the question and passion have remained the same: how do we develop a new generation of innovative, courageous, and ethical leaders who will make a difference in their community and their world?

Judy Thompson

Hi, my name is Judy! I'm originally from Northern Ireland, and I came to UWGB when I was 19 years old and completed my Social Work degree. I volunteered in the center for 1 year, became an intern, and then began to work full time during my OPT year 2012-2013. I left Green Bay to travel and to date, i've been to over 50 countries. I love to travel and meet new people. I am now completing my MBA at UWGB. While here, I love to be involved in different projects and programs promoting faith, and social justice. I love to listen to other people, their dreams, visions, goals and occasionally their problems :) So if you ever want to grab a coffee and talk about a project or idea you have, or need someone to listen to you, just let me know!

Hi, I'm Dave. I was born in Dallas Texas. My wife and I are just trying to perform as many sustainable practices in our lives as possible. We enjoy video games, exploring old buildings, and riding on our paddle board with our pup. My work at the Mauthe gives me daily satisfaction because of all the environmental projects I am apart of. I am majoring in Zoology.

Hello my name is Xun Tao Lee born and raised in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. I am currently a student studying for Environmental Engineering at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. I enjoy the outdoors by fishing, disc golfing, and playing volleyball. Here at the Mauthe Center, I am working on an aquaponic system so we can have a more sustainable practice. Our future goal is to spread this practice and help others be more sustainable.

Hi my name is Vidhi Gogri. I’m an international student from India. I’m majoring in human biology and minoring in business. I eventually want to become a physical therapist and work with professional sport teams.