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Social Justice

When one is to look up the term ‘Social justice’ it is defined as an underlying principle for peaceful and prosperous coexistence within and among nations. This can be difficult to break down this definition into everyday life. At the Richard Mauthe Center we pursue social justice at the heart of our mission through the development of programs which promote development of people and human dignity. This is done as a community, and the individual gives way to the struggle for social justice in terms of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society. We seek to develop as a community, together in peace, love and respect. If we live by the principles of all encompassing love and respect, we will be at peace instead of fighting for peace. 


We seek to achieve this social justice by striving to maintain a balance in equity, participation, access, and rights. The center aims to build a neutral platform for each individual who walks through our doors. Everyone has the right to come in, participate, and ask questions. From the least to the greatest of human needs, we want everyone to have equal opportunity to ask for guidance and support. 


At the Center, we would ask that you;

Educate yourself
Work on your own habits and beliefs
Do your research
Take action
Create movement through programs and projects
Volunteer your time and efforts for positive change
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