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Sep 24, 2020

Environmentally friendly workshops and learning

Environmental Series: Creation Care

September 24th 6PM: Clean Water and Energy WI with Seth Hoffmeister

October 22nd 6PM: Composting workshop

November 21st 1PM to 3PM: Aquaponics workshop

Sep 22, 2020

6 week course beginning September 22nd 9:30AM to 10:30AM

A Path Of Forgiveness: Kathryn Walczyk

Forgiveness is a process that can become a way of life. Discover key components of forgiveness, uncover and personalize your path of forgiveness, and share your wisdom in this six-week adventure. Together we will explore self-forgiveness, forgiving others, and forgiving communities and institutions.

Week 1: Defining forgiveness. Personal investigation: What in me needs to forgive or needs forgiveness?
Week 2 Giving voice to the wrong, crime, hurt through writing or speaking.
Week 3: Self-reflective look at our emotions, feelings. Meditation. Writing. Speaking
Week 4: Grieving the Losses How do I do that?
Week 5: Making the decision to forgive and doing it. Acknowledgment of grace bestowed. Ritual or symbol.
Week 6: Integrating the decision. Renew or release the relationship. Where do we go from here?

Events at 10 AM

All Saints Church - Sunday Service

Join us for worship on every Sundays at 10 AM

Quaker Meeting for Worship each Sunday at 11:00 AM

Fox Valley Friends Meeting

At our Quaker Meeting for Worship each Sunday at 11:00 AM, we come together to seek spiritual inspiration in unprogrammed silent worship.  Even though the fundamental practice is silent worship, when moved by the spirit with a message for the group, a participant may speak.  Following worship there is a brief opportunity to discuss one's experiences during the meeting or simply share personal news, followed by a light lunch.  All are welcome.  Quakers do not evangelize, but we do enthusiastically answer any questions visitors might have.

Sep 17, 2020

Learn About Your Own Spiritual Path, and Those Around You

Faith Series

September 17th: Join us as we reflect and discuss faith and spirituality. Everyone has a unique understanding of faith or spirituality because of one's life experiences. How would you describe your journey? What does faith or spirituality mean to you? What comes first, faith or belief? Is your view changing as you learn more and get deeper into understanding faith and spirituality?

Hear from faith and spiritual leaders from GIFT, listen to the flow of their spiritual river, and reflect on your own spiritual journey. We invite you to discuss and participate as you feel comfortable.

A social with follow with refreshments. Social distancing guidelines will be adhered to and we ask you to wear a mask. An online live stream will be available for those who want to participate.

October 15th 6PM: GIFT: When Many Rivers Become One Body of Water

October 22nd 6PM: Julianne Stanz: Spiritual Health: Why Faith Matters

November 19th 6PM: GIFT: INTERFAITH service

Sep 10, 2020

Discover, Inspire, Empower

Women's Empowerment

DISCOVER: Have you discovered who you are? Have you discovered your purpose, your passions and your values?

INSPIRE: Are you inspired on a daily basis? Are you inspired to live out your dreams?

EMPOWER: Do you believe in you? Do you empower yourself and others around you to reach your potential?

Julia Piechota: NBC-HWC Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach
Abby Ledvina: Life Coach
Kathryn Walczyk: Spiritual Companion

October 8th: Claudia Guzman

November 12th: Robyn Davis

Sep 03, 2020

Let's talk and express mental health together, to support one another in mental wellness.

Mental Health Series: Ceasing the Stigma

September 3rd: 5PM: Music Matters! Music Show for mental health

October 15th: 6PM: EKAF/EVOLVE FAIR: Mental health, eating disorders and suicide. 

November 5th: 6PM: Vision Boards: Dream Your Goals

Sep 21, 2020

Facilitated by Tanya Kriesel

Women's Circle

Women's circle is a space held for women to be vulnerable and speak from the heart. Every woman gets an opportunity to speak, be heard and supported by other women. May we listen, connect as sisters, and share intentions near the new moon

September 21st, 7PM

October 19th, 7PM

November 16th, 7PM

Sep 22, 2020

Justice Through Learning About Your Neighbor

Culture Series

Change your community through education and positive conversations learning about culture.

September 22nd 6PM: Kaaren Thomas: Growing up Mixed

October 13th 6PM: Daniel Crowsee: Oneida: Overcoming Trauma

November 8th 1PM to 4:30PM: COMSA: Life as an Immigrant in America

November 12th 6PM: Ancestral Memory Talk with beaded bracelet

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We are a home away from home, a refuge from the business of life.  We are a collective of diverse and international friends that support each other. 


Using the power of the collective we are able to create change through using our resources together for aligned missions. 


In every year there are several students that stand out among the crowd. We are here to support and empower those students to become the leaders of tomorrow. 


The Mauthe Center has been a  nonprofit since 1968.  We are dedicated to promoting peace, justice, and ecumenism.


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