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Spiritual Support

At the Mauthe, we encourage and support the spiritual health and well-being of every individual.
We offer one-on-one spiritual accompaniment for UWGB students, staff,

and Northeastern Wisconsin community members.
Our events and opportunities consider the spiritual well-being of those who attend.  
We offer resources for those seeking religious and spiritual connections and communities.
We welcome you and your perspective.
Our goal is to offer a judgment-free zone where individuals can meet one-on-one with trained professionals, connect with spiritual and faith communities and organizations, offer insight, ask questions, and partake in friendly and open spiritual and religious dialogue.

Aren't sure where to begin?  Have questions?  

Contact Kathy at


ONE-ON-ONE SPIRITUAL COMPANIONING is available to UWGB students, staff, and to Northeastern Wisconsin community members. Kathy Walczyk is a spiritual companion trained in spiritual direction who has been accompanying people from diverse spiritual and faith backgrounds for over ten years. She also accompanies those who have experience spiritual and religious violence and subsequent spiritual trauma. In addition to spiritual direction training, she supports her work with education in theology, diverse spiritual and religious experience and practices, and continuing education in spiritual trauma and spiritual growth. She contributes understanding in areas spiritual trauma and spiritual wellness through publications and international research inquiries.


If you would like to meet with Kathy, or explore spiritual companioning

to see if it might be right for you, contact Kathy to set up a meeting.

This service is free to UWGB students. Community members are welcome

here too. Inquire through Kathy for fee rates and no-fee options.  

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"​I honor your independence, your decisions, and your personal direction.

I respect your spiritual path is unique to you."

For questions or to schedule contact

Kathy Walczyk

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