What does it mean to be just? What does true justice look like? Why does justice matter? How can justice transform others around us? How do we treat others justly? How can we each choose to treat everyone justly, regardless of how they treat us, or their background or their beliefs?


This year at the Mauthe Center, we are diving into what it means to choose justice. Featuring awesome spiritual directors, prominent speakers, movement leaders, and more, join us as we learn how others are choosing to show justice in their own lives and how we are called to do the same.

To register for programs please send your name and email to thomjh17@mcenter.org

Women's Circles, 2020

September 21st 7PM

October 19th 7PM

November 16th 7PM

Women's circle is a space held for women to be vulnerable and speak from the heart. Every woman gets an opportunity to speak, be heard and supported by other women. May we listen, connect as sisters, and share intentions around new moon.

Meet in the reflection room

Facilitated by Tanya Kriesel

Drum Circles, 2020

Come drum with us! Make music! Celebrate community and life! Bring your own drum. There will be a few extras as well.  Native flutes, ukuleles, singing bowls, and simple percussion instruments are also welcome. 


All are welcome!

Meet in the fireside room

Questions, comments email: puckhaberabs@mcenter.org


Personal Development 101: What it is & How to do it

Led by Reed Hardy

Alternate Wednesdays

7 week course

Exploration of the psychology of personal development from early-childhood influences through adulthood, from the mature vantage point of recently retired, or soon to retire, senior citizens. We will discuss reading assignments that cover a range of topics such as the basic psychology of personal development, related cultural values and processes, social pressures, and spiritual practices including prayer and meditation. Upon completion of this prequel course, students will have a firm foundation in the relevant knowledge bases sufficient to carry them through the sequel course, Personal Development 201 next fall. Enrollment will be limited by the size of available spaces. 

Sound Healing

Sound has been used for healing in cultures all over the world for thousands of years through mantras, melodies, and frequencies. It helps to synchronize brain waves to a state of relaxation and meditation. This event is centered around the healing properties of music, and holding space for balance and peace to envelop each other. Features include local healers and live hand pan music.

A Path Of Forgiveness

September 22nd

9:30AM to 10:30AM

By Kathryn Walczyk


Forgiveness is a process that can become a way of life. Discover key components of forgiveness, uncover and personalize your path of forgiveness, and share your wisdom in this six-week adventure. Together we will explore self-forgiveness, forgiving others, and forgiving communities and institutions.

Week 1: Defining forgiveness. Personal investigation: What in me needs to forgive or needs forgiveness?
Week 2 Giving voice to the wrong, crime, hurt through writing or speaking.
Week 3: Self-reflective look at our emotions, feelings. Meditation. Writing. Speaking
Week 4: Grieving the Losses How do I do that?
Week 5: Making the decision to forgive and doing it. Acknowledgment of grace bestowed. Ritual or symbol.
Week 6: Integrating the decision. Renew or release the relationship. Where do we go from here? 

Open Heart Mindfulness

​A Buddhist Sangha (community of practitioners) come together to support one another in the practice of mindfulness through sitting and walking meditation and discussion. We study and practice teachings from Thich Nhat Hanh and other Buddhist and mindfulness teachers in an environment that fosters compassion, loving kindness, understanding and inclusiveness in order to nurture individuals, families, society and a healthy planet. 

Mondays 1:00-2:30pm 

Reflection Room


The Mauthe Center has been a  nonprofit since 1968.  We are dedicated to promoting peace, justice, and ecumenism.


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