Kaaren Thomas: Growing Up Mixed 

September 22nd, 2020


Growing up with parents who immigrated from two different worlds, she didn't fit in anywhere. Now, having embraced the oneness of all, through her own physical and metaphysical experiences, she knows she fits in everywhere. Having dedicated her life to accompanying others on the journey to embrace all that we are, she finds myriad vehicles to spread the word, including developing T.R.U.T.H.™ (Transforming and Releasing Unresolved Trauma Holistically).


Mixed Raise

Our media and conversation is currently centered around issues of black and white, missing entirely the large segment of grey in between. Until we take everyone into account, acknowledging the flow of thoughts, socio-economics, and genetics that bring the two ends together, we will be stuck in an endless cesspool of misunderstanding. 

Daniel Crowsee Thomas

Oneida: Overcoming Trauma

 October 13th, 2020


Member of the Oneida Nation and citizen of the Earth, he has come to enjoy beating his own drum as an independent investigator walking a spiritual path to Truth.  As a healer, his illuminating insights open the way for those he meets to boldly connect with their own personal truths facilitating White Bison ™  or through his own personal modality, Red Sage™.


Overcoming Trauma

Each and every one of us walk under the shadow of trauma. Unresolved, it causes dysfunctional families, self-medication, addictive behaviors, depression, even suicide. The Oneida Nation recognizes inter-generational trauma as a common cause of our social malaise and focuses on a holistic and spiritual approach for individuals, families, and the community.


 November 8th, 2020


Meeting special needs, and challenges, affecting refugees and immigrants. Building a resourceful and prosperous community that contributes to the wellbeing of its members and those of the communities in which they live.

COMSA speaks about who a refugee is and why they have come to our community. The founders tell their personal resettlement stories and inspire others to seek out their neighbors in friendship and welcome.

Ancestral Memory Talk with a Beaded Bracelet

 November 12th, 2020


Benjamin Grignon is a teacher of traditional Menominee arts. He represents the Menominee Nation and approaches culturally-responsive education by using Menominee Language, Culture and Art to promote and preserve tribal history as a pathway to future generations and positively influence the education of the youth in his community. 

Join us for a talk about Ancestral Memory and make a beaded bracelet. 



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