Creation Care

This Earth was endowed to us as a fragile gift to care for, learn from, and to leave in better condition for those that come after us. Its our goal to nurture and preserve this creation, so that all that walk upon it can see, feel and taste the fruits, and harvests of its bountiful and fertile crescents and lands. We hold hands to rejoice in its beauty and surplus with our fellows and to take to the shovels and seed stores when the season is right. 

In the natural world there is no waste. One material becomes the source of fuel for another. An oxygen output from a tree becomes a life necessary input for a human. This process is one reason that we are experimenting with Aquaponics. To use the output of nutrients by fish to provide the input of life for plants. Our goal is to create a regenerative  & symbiotic system where two living systems can work together through technology.

Permaculture means creating “Permanent Culture”. This means that fruit trees and berry bushes that are planted today, can grow and reproduce into a much more bountiful and fruit giving plants tomorrow providing the means for culture to continue. The things that we plant become a system for resiliency, fertility and sustainability that many generations down the road can enjoy the harvest and beauty of. We are creating a living food forest right here on our lands.    

On Earth there is a special cycle that restores and returns the nutrients of food, trees, and foliage back into compost, and this is the decomposition cycle. Our goal is to inform our greater community about taking organic material out of the waste stream and to provide a composting center where it can be converted into usable material! We can grow things with compost and return excess material back to Earth. 


The Mauthe Center has been a  nonprofit since 1968.  We are dedicated to promoting peace, justice, and ecumenism.


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